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A woman with seven children competes against a couponer with 20 years of experience.The show has come under fire by consumer bloggers and experts such as Jill Cataldo about potential coupon misuse on the show.

Meet Extreme Cheapskate and dumpster diver Kate who takes us through her super cheap lifestyle in New York City. 6.5.But first, 8 year old Sam must pull off his first solo couponing trip.

A Georgia couponer brings her best friend along on a shopping spree to show her the ropes, while a stay-at-home mom in Idaho takes her skeptical husband grocery shopping, hoping to spark some interest in couponing.

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Also: a Connecticut woman uses couponing to help her family and friends.Also: a New Hampshire woman embarks on a major haul before taking a six-month break from couponing.She had an unhealthy relationship with food, but now focuses all of her energy on couponing.

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Extreme couponing might not be for everyone, but these tips can still help keep your bank account healthy.Theresa Caputo has made quite the living on her hit TLC show,.Extreme Couponing follows savvy shoppers as they plan and plot their way.

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Extreme Couponing follows families across America who use coupons to. spray tans and fake.Maryann throws her daughter a coupon-themed 12th birthday party to convince her friends and neighbors to start couponing. 15-year-old Haley is the boss of her whole family when it comes to grocery shopping.

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Extreme Couponing Coupon Class, Coupon Save Money with printable coupons.

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Coupons used on the Extreme Couponing show are counterfeit, fake, and TLC says no comment.We all knew how fake this show is but it should not even be.

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Extreme Couponing on TLC. lots of fake coupons on this show they ran a report on it on us.In Michigan, Aprille works at an auto dealership and bribes her co-workers with snacks from her stockpile.The TLC show Extreme Couponing returns to TV the end of September. (using fake coupons).

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It now runs regularly on Thursday nights on Discovery Family.To cover for the home repairs, Jane must save enough money to pay for it.

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Twenty-year-old, gay college student Tyler coupons to party more.

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Is Extreme Couponing show on TLC real life or just a TV show.

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